Pursuing the provisions of Article 51 of the Executive Decree No. 03-279 of (24 Jumada ethani 1424 – August, 23rd 2003), this resolution aims to determine the functions and mechanisms of the scientific council of the faculty.

* The Faculty’s Scientific Council meets in a regular session once every three months upon a summons from its President.

It may meet in extraordinary sessions at the request of its Chairman/President or two thirds (2/3) of its members or at the request of the Dean of the Faculty.

* The President of the Council attends the regular sessions agenda in consultation with the Dean.

Members of the Council may include any issue they deem necessary in the agenda at the opening of the meeting, provided that it is requested by at least two thirds (2/3) of its members present.

The agenda of the special sessions shall be presented to the Council by the initiative authority or the members who requested it.

* Invitations attached to the agenda shall be sent to the members of the Council at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting of the Council.

The above-mentioned deadlines may be reduced to eight days in the case of an extraordinary session.

The convocation shall be attached to the documents submitted for study by the Board.

* Meetings of the Council shall not be valid unless at least two-thirds of the members of the Board are present.

If the quorum is not complete, the Board shall have the right to meet whatever the number of members present after a second subpoena sent within eight (08) days following the first meeting.

The opinions and recommendations of the Council are approved by a simple majority of votes.

In the case of an equal number of votes, the President shall have a casting vote.

* The Council shall prepare its rules of procedure and approve them during its first meeting.

* The results of the Council's work shall be reported and recorded in a special book/document numbered and indicated by the Chairman/President of the Council and placed at the main faculty office.

The report of the meeting shall be signed by the Chairman/President of the Board and the registrar of the meeting and shall be sent to the Dean of the Faculty and to the members of the Board within fifteen (15) days following the date of the meeting.

The Dean shall send it to the Rector.

* The Council can consult or invite any person to assist in its work by virtue of his knowledge or the attention given to higher training and research.



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