- Head of the Department:Dr OUAMANE NADJETTE.
- Phone: 033543271
- Email: n.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







* Tasks of the Head of Department
The head of the department is responsible for the pedagogical and administrative conduct of the department and exercises peaceful authority over the users placed under his responsibility.
The Head of Section shall be assisted by Assistant Heads of Departments, Heads of Interest and Heads of Laboratories, as appropriate.
- Assistant head of the department in charge of post-graduation and scientific research: Mr. Khider Salim.
The Assistant Head of the Department in charge of post graduation and scientific research shall:
- Ensuring the progress of education after graduation.
- Ensuring the progress of training after the specialized graduation.
- Follow-up research activities.
- Follow up the progress of the scientific committee of the department.
He is assisted by:
- Head of the Department of Higher Training for post-graduate and post-graduate specialized.
- Head of the Research Follow-up Department.
- Head of Foreign Languages ​​LMD: Prof. Dr. Dakhia Abd el Waheb
- Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Department: Dr. Saliha Shelli
The Department of Arts and Foreign Languages ​​includes the following divisions:
- Division of French Language.
English Division.
* Total number of students for the year 2019/2020 = 2737
Number of foreign students Number of Algerian students the years
  L.M.D System L.M.D System
Total Females Males Total Females Males
3 0 3 565 437 128 First year
2 2 0 561 426 135 Second Year
3 2 1 671 532 139 Third Year
0 0 0 498 409 89 Master-1
0 0 0 434 387 47 Master-2
8 4 4 2729 2191 538 Total
2737 Total

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